Improve Your Car’s Look with Bodywork Repairs And Alloy Wheels in Shepperton

Let our skilled technicians remove any bumps or scuffs your car may have suffered

Removing Dents & Restoring Finishes

Our team of experienced technicians are able to accurately remove dents, bumps, scrapes and pretty much any other form of damage to the aesthetics of your car’s body. You can bring us damage of all shapes and sizes and we will be able to assess and prepare a quote for you. We can fix dents, scratches and scrapes, then respray the damaged areas to match the original colour of your car even if the repairs are being covered by an Insurance company.

Call us on 01932 988540 or send us a message for a quote today.

Premium Alloy Wheels in Shepperton

Do you fancy updating your car’s look, quickly and simply? We can supply and fit the latest alloy wheels for you. Come in to see us in Shepperton, browse our selection of alloy wheels and we can discuss your requirements, preparing a quote for the alloy wheels and fitting. We are renowned for our expertise in Alloy Wheels - we have even had manufacturers contact us for advice!

We also have the latest technologies available to repair and refurbish your own Alloy Wheels - this is how we do it:

  • We remove the Alloy Wheels from your car
  • We then deflate the tyres
  • The beads are broken which means that the tyres are pushed back to enable the rim to be repaired
  • Any damage is then repaired using various specialist methods
  • The repairs are coated with primer to prevent corrosion
  • The Alloy Wheel is baked under Infrared lighting
  • The primer is then smoothed, or “Flatted”, out to give an even finish
  • Your Alloy Wheels are then painted to the colour of your choice, or matched to their original finish
  • The Alloy Wheels are again baked under infrared lighting
  • Lacquer is then sprayed over the wheels to protect your refurbished alloy
  • Your Alloy Wheels are then baked for a third time under the Infrared lights until they are completely dry
  • The tyre is then re-inflated and your freshly refurbished Alloy Wheels are fitted back to your car

Send us a message with your Alloy Wheel requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible

For a quote on any repairs you may need for your car, call us on 01932 988540 or send us a message using our Online Contact Form

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